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Looking for More Work? Submit Bids

Post Construction Cleaning. Power Washing. Carpet Cleaning. 

Post Construction projects are now available for the upcoming season.

Contracts will be awarded based on the lowest cost bidder. All contractors shall submit both "Fixed Rates" and "Rate Per Square Footage" any jobs over 100,000 sq ft BNB Networks LLC shall use the lowest cost "Rate Per Square Footage" 


  1. Net 45 

  2. Early Payment Available for Contractors that take on several projects. Early Payments will be assess a 5% early payment fee. 


  1. W9

  2. COI- $50,000 minimum GL 

  3. Submit Before and After Photos 

  4. Smart Phone- Submit Completion Photos  

We look forward to expanding your business and working together on these projects. 

Projects Available

Post Construction Cleaning 

Power Washing 

Carpet Cleaning 


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