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BNB Networks LLC

Light Maintenance and Work Order Management service provider.


BNB Networks LLC is a facility support services provider. We help property and facility managers with all Light Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance service requests. We have over 150 maintenance technicians available 24/7/365 to service your facility. All work orders are dispatched for FREE to our techs using BNB Networks Mobile app. Once we assess the service request a FREE estimate will be provided for approval, once approved, we will schedule. It’s That Simple!

 Our Services include:

  • Easy Submission of Maintenance Requests Online, By Phone, Chat or Email

  • Setting an NTE (Not to Exceed) Amount for Each Work Order Request

  • Dispatching our Network of Contractors within the service area

  • Submitting Before and After photos after each job is completed

  • Easy Billing Process: Pay-Per-Service, Credit Card, and Net 15 (ACH Direct Deposit Option)  

  • Service Properties 24/7 (Same Day and Emergency maintenance dispatching available as well)

To meet the scope of work deliverables, BNB Networks LLC and Affiliates shall provide contracted light

maintenance services to Dave & Buster’s facilities upon request. We shall furnish all recurring and preventive maintenance services including labor, materials, tools, equipment, transportation, work order management system, and maintenance supplies required to provide the highest quality service.

Scope of work:

Interior/ Exterior Light Maintenance (does not include major plumbing, electrical, or roofing work)

Drywall Repair


Deep Cleaning of Specific Areas

Carpet Cleaning

Debris Removal

Exterior Services 



Property Managers shall be assigned to each work order created and dispatched to our network of techs. Property Manager shall have the opportunity to download our mobile app and receive real time updates of the status for each work order.

NTE (Not to Exceed):

Each work order shall be assigned an NTE amount. The Property or Facility Manager shall set the work order NTE amounts range from $100.00-$500. Any maintenance work over $500.00 BNB Networks shall submit an estimate to the property manager to review and approved before we dispatch the work to be completed.

Quality Control/ Inspection:

Upon completion of the assigned work order(s), BNB Networks shall provide before and after photos for each completed service request.


Billing/ Payment:

Customers have several payment options. You can pay for all maintenance work orders completed upon completion of the job (pay-per-service). As a pay-per-service customer, BNB Networks shall email an electronic invoice to be processed using a credit card. Retail and Commercial customers can also pay for all maintenance work orders Net 15; all work orders completed within 15 days can be paid via ACH Direct Deposit. An invoice will be email to client. Lastly, Clients can also opt-in to allot a maintenance budget each month to BNB Networks.  Work orders will only be processed within the NTE (not to exceed) monthly budget assigned.  


Service Confirmation:

BNB Networks shall provide before and after photos for every job completed. Maintenance customer will have access to our mobile app to monitor all work orders created within their portfolio.


All maintenance procedures shall be accomplished in accordance with the scope of work with the maintenance work order and service checklist.


Quality Control Program:

BNB Networks shall establish a complete Quality Control Program (QCP) to manage all facility maintenance service levels and contract compliance requirements. Quality Control Program includes, but not limited to, inspecting before and after photos submitted by affiliates, dispatching field management team to inspect completed services, working with client or assigned personnel regarding scheduling services, ensuring workers and contractors abide by safety policies and protocols when addressing service concerns.


When rendering services identified within the scope of work, we warrant that executed services shall be in compliance with all local, state and county regulation guidelines.

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