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Become A Partner! It's Simple

Are you interested in learning how to find County, State and Federal Contracts for your business? What if I said we can help!

BNB Networks Partnership program consists of two separate opportunities. 


Option 1. Attend a BNB Network Partners Contract Training and learn how to find County, State, and Federal contracts. Once awarded you can keep the contract or automate operations using our Network of Affiliates. 


Option 2.  You can become a Franchise Partner and expand nationwide using our systems and operation procedures. This partnership is simple. We work together to build a household brand.  

Partnership Includes: 

Assigned Nationwide Dispatch Manager

HR Consultant for Hiring and Onboarding Subcontractors 

Quality Inspection Team to review Before and After Photos 

Over $2,500,000 Million in contracts awarded 

Learn About State & Federal Contracts 

Learn how to find County, State and Federal Contracts within your scope of work and Service Area. Learn how to access bid tabulations from previous awards, learn how to develop bid templates based on your scope, learn how to sub-contract to expand operations and more. We will also provide tips on how to get funding for your contracts if/when awarded.  Contract Training course are 30-45 mins online. You can watch each class at your own pace. Get started today!  Contract training workshops are $299.99 per Business Owner.  Class 1- $149.99, Class 2- $149.99, take both classes for only $299.99 Professional Contract Consulting Services available see offer below. 

Contractor Consulting and Sub-contracting Support 

Schedule a 30 minute consultation if you are looking to automate your business work orders processing systems or if you are looking to sub-contract current accounts or clients.  Consultation fee is only $99.99 per 30 minutes. 

Our Partnership includes:


  1. Assigning a BNB Networks Operations Manager to oversee your day-to-day work orders

  2. Helping you find new clients within your service areas

  3. Helping you find State and Federal Contracts within your scope of work and service areas

  4. Training you on how to respond to solicitations

Help you manage current work orders with current clients using our work order management system.

  • Our Team will schedule all your work orders for your current accounts and crew members

  • You will receive real time updates of when sites are being serviced

  • Our Team will send you before and after photos via email after every service is rendered for Quality Control inspections

  • Our Team will help you find new cleaners if someone resigns or is terminated, we will post the position, interview, and forward you the best candidates

  • Our Team will help you find subcontractors for your business to help manage current contracts

  • Our Team will send you a monthly service report showing all work orders scheduled per client, per location, work order number, services rendered, crew/staff assigned and if the work order was completed

BNB Network Partnership program will help your business become a high six -seven figure remote business that’s automated. All you have to do is monitor all clients and locations using our mobile application, review after photos, focus on customer relations, and account retention. BNB Networks will do the rest! You will never have to disclose who your clients.

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