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Submit All Per Service and Recurring Work Orders 

BNB Networks' Partnership Program can support the following types of business operations. Scope includes:

  • Residential Cleaning Businesses 

  • Commercial Cleaning Business 

  • Carpet Cleaning Business

  • Painting Businesses 

  • Floor Maintenance Business 

  • Exterior Service Businesses  

  • Valet Trash Removal Businesses 

  • Valet Laundry Businesses 

  • Window Cleaning Businesses 

  • Pressure Washing Businesses 

  • Handyman Businesses 

  • Property Maintenance Businesses 

  • Property Management Work Orders 

  • Special Cleaning Service Requests

  • Emergency Cleaning (as needed)

  • Restocking Airbnb/ Rental               (as needed)

  • Airbnb Cleaning Services Businesses 

  • Moving Businesses 

  • Trucking Companies 

  • Freight Logistics 

Do you recurring cleanings accounts?

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