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Contract Sourcing Support 


Do you need help finding County, State and Federal Contracts? if so, BNB Networks can help!

Our team of Contract Specialist will find, source, and send you contracts that fall within your scope of work and service area(s) when published. Sign up for a subscription today and start receiving contracts when published. 

Once a contract is sourced, you can bid on the contract or book a consultation to go over the contract details. 

If you need more help, BNB Networks LLC offers Contractor training workshops to help small business owners find more work for their business. This strategic partnership training program is designed to help you win more contracts! ONLY $299.99, contractors will be able to attend two virtual workshops. Click Here To Attend Contractor Workshop


30 Minute Consultation with BNB Networks CEO or Consultant Associates

Book Consultation Below

$199.99- This consultation is an opportunity for you to learn how to improve your business operations. Learn new techniques and strategies to increase your business value. 

Get Contracts - Support 

Sign Up Now!

Our Contract Specialist will find County, State and Federal Contracts within your scope of work and service area. Contract will be sent when published with full details on what is needed to submit your proposals. (Site Walkthrough, Due Date, Question Deadlines, Addendums issued, and more) 

  • Monthly: $99.99 (1-3 contracts Per Month) 

  • Quarterly: $199.99 (2-5 contracts Per Quarter plus 60 min Consultation) 

  • Semi Annual: $299.99 (5-10 contracts Semi-Annual plus 120 min Consultation) 

  • Annual: $399.99 (Unlimited Solicitations sent as they publish. 6 Hours of Consultations) 

  • Book Contract Training Consultation with Jerry Price $499.99 (2 Hour Consultation and Training)

Contracts Available 
Commercial & Residential Nationwide

Type of contracts available NOW for bidding: 

  1. Janitorial/ Custodial

  2. Post Construction Cleaning 

  3. Trash Outs/ Debris Removal

  4. Carpet Cleaning/ Carpet Installation 

  5. HVAC

  6. Interior Painting 

  7. Handyman Services 

  8. Landscaping 

  9. Tree Trimming/Tree Removal

  10. Snow Removal Contracts 

  11. Property Management Work Orders 

  12. Roofing 

  13. General Contracting 

  14. Electrical

  15. and More 

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